I am feeling…

…a little scared today. Haven’t managed to sleep properly and my body is annoyed with me. I’m also worried because I didn’t plan to arrange my anxiety/depression meds prescription and the only free time I can sort it out is when my meds have ran out. just want to stay under the duvet today with all my teddies and blankets and not leave. It’s a shame I have stuff to do.

Heather x

2 thoughts on “I am feeling…”

  1. Hi my dear. Tagged your blog in a post a few days back. It’s a recommendation post! I’d love it if you checked it out. WordPress needs a Tag button! Hehe xxx I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow

    1. Hi sweet, wow, thank you ever so much that’s super kind of you! I’ll definitely have a look 🙂 thank you, I’m currently working on my final university essay so I can have a huge rest afterwards! hope you’re well xxxx

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