About and Contact

Heather, who has cerebral palsy and cPTSD, took to social media one fateful day to find solidarity and support from people like her. This led to the creation of her blog nosuperhero.co.uk, where she documented her experiences of mental illness, fatigue and chronic pain with the goal of spreading awareness, empowering and educating her readers.

Heather is keen that colleagues are supported at their place of work, and she is a disability network lead that aims to support her firm’s disabled colleagues and carers. She is actively involved in working with the senior executive team and diversity and inclusion leads to further the disability agenda throughout the business. Heather has won several awards and accolades, which can be found here. She is actively involved in improving disability awareness in businesses in the north west. Heather’s roles and positions can be found here.

Heather is also a director of Inclusive Minds Collective CIC and works to ensure children’s books are representative of all lived experiences, so that children can see themselves on the pages of their books. IM works with authors, publishers, agents and anyone in the publishing industry. For more information on how Inclusive Minds can help you, please click here.

Anything mentioned on this blog or on Heather’s social channels reflect her views, and are not those of her employer.