Something beautiful

Hi everyone! It’s currently 7.30 pm and I’m already sipping on a gin and tonic. This week has been hectic; I have been working from 8am til 5.30pm (at the earliest) and I’m completely exhausted. I work as a holiday club assistant, and though I love the job, it can be really tiring looking after nearly 20 children from the ages of 6 to 15. Still, it’s an amazing job and despite my lack of energy I’m so grateful to have it. Though kids can be hard work, they’re so lively and vivacious. I long for the days when I’d run in the grass, carefree and clumsy, getting completely and utterly covered in mud and grazes. Children take pleasure in the simplest of things and it’s such a joy to observe.

I’m currently back in my student house attempting to relax. Shortly before my week at work I visited Whitby for a couple of days. There’s something so utterly restorative about the sea. I’m not sure whether it’s the fresh air, its vast beauty or the things that accompany trips to the seaside (chips, ice cream, a kaleidoscope of coloured sticks of rock) but the trip, albeit short, was a thing of beauty and bliss. How I longed to stay. I did take a few pictures though, but be warned because I’m by no means a great photographer. The horizons may be slightly wonky but I tried to capture at least a minuscule glimpse of the beauty of the place. If you’re ever near, I suggest you visit Whitby. It’s a delight.









I hope you have a relaxing bank holiday weekend, and a peaceful Easter if it’s something you celebrate.


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