Event: #HBAlPorto

Hello there! If you’ve been reading my posts recently you might be aware that I recently attended the Hull Bloggers’ Summer meet. After months of anticipation, the day finally arrived and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

Raffle Goodies

The event was held at a fabulous venue called Al Porto, situated overlooking the marina in Hull’s city centre. They are passionate about creating and serving delicious and authentic Italian cuisine, in a down-to-earth, rustic atmosphere, which suited our event perfectly! Judging by the lovely nibbles we got to try, their food is obviously crafted with care and attention. You can check out their website here.

On arrival we were greeted by the lovely Alex, Jenny and Kat, who organised the event, and it was great to catch up with bloggers I’ve previously met and make friends with the newbies of our little community! The event started with a good old natter (obviously!) accompanied by a rather delicious #HullBloggers cocktail, which was perfect for cooling us all down on such a humid day. There were a few brands set up to provide several demonstrations; some of which were familiar and others perhaps not so recognisable to some, which included Lush, Weleda and Viridian. On the picture above you can see the array of fabulous raffle prizes that were on offer over the course of the day, and all proceeds went to a very worthy cause: The Eve Appeal .

WP_20150830_13_31_38_Pro 1 WP_20150830_13_32_12_Pro 1

WP_20150830_13_34_48_Pro 1 WP_20150830_14_22_28_Pro

After some lovely demos from each of the companies, it was raffle time! Some of the products donated to the raffle were absolutely gorgeous, and included gifts from one of my favourite jewellery companies; Links of London and Pandora. There were many different prizes on offer, including make-up, premium skincare, accessories and even underwear! I was extremely lucky to come away with something I’ve had my eye on for a long time: a MisfitWearables Shine Fitness Tracker! InstagramCapture_1fc6d1e9-7925-4997-90ae-01b3ef414ee4I have been wearing the device daily since I won it, and a review will soon follow. Spoiler: I am extremely impressed so far!

At the end of the raffle Alex presented some spot prizes, which ranged from ‘The Best Pre-meet Selfie’ to ‘The Most Excited Blogger’. To my astonishment I was given a spot-prize as ‘The Loveliest Blogger’, and I have to admit I was completely shocked and didn’t see that coming at all! It was a very thoughtful thing and my prize consisted of some very interesting-looking chocolate goodies courtesy of IQ Choc; I can’t WAIT to try them out!


All-in-all I’d say the event was a complete success, and to top it off we went home with an impressive number of goodies to try out! Here’s a little sneak preview of some of the brands that were generous enough to get involved in our fantastic event.

WP_20150902_14_00_12_Pro 1 WP_20150902_14_06_02_Pro 1

WP_20150902_14_07_40_Pro 1 WP_20150902_14_07_10_Pro

WP_20150902_14_05_06_Pro WP_20150902_14_05_26_Pro 1

WP_20150902_14_19_35_Pro WP_20150902_14_19_03_Pro

WP_20150902_14_17_58_Pro WP_20150902_14_17_35_Pro

WP_20150902_14_17_03_Pro WP_20150902_14_15_59_Pro

WP_20150902_14_16_51_Pro WP_20150902_14_15_47_Pro

WP_20150902_14_14_38_Pro WP_20150902_14_13_58_Pro

WP_20150902_13_50_44_Pro WP_20150902_13_49_51_Pro

WP_20150902_14_02_45_Pro WP_20150902_13_55_32_Pro

WP_20150902_14_04_56_Pro 1 WP_20150902_14_04_23_Pro 1

WP_20150902_13_56_01_Pro WP_20150902_13_58_44_Pro

This is just a tiny selection of products that we were fortunate enough to get to try; stay tuned for reviews in the near future…it’s going to take a while but believe me, I’m so excited to try such a plethora of gorgeous things!

I’m also going to include the blog links of the lovely #HullBloggers who attended the meet, so don’t forget to check them out!

Alex: Champagne and Lemonade

Kat: The Kats Paws

Charley: Rambling of a Beauty Blogger

Sarah: SarahXSarah

Mars: Curling Stones for Lego People

Rachel: The Inelegant Wench

Carl: A Blokes Eye View

Chelsea: Hair Guru Chels

Jennie: JennieEmma

Hannah: Ha-Pea-Days

Megan: StudentStyleXO

Kate: Pieces of Kate

Kelly: Adventures in Tea and Cake

Emily: Em Paws

Lewis: LDWBlondeAtHeart

Courtney: Retro and Thrift

Becky: Just Becky

Danni: Danni Serendipity

Ashton: Beauty, Books and Babble

Maisie: Thoroughly Modern Maisie

Lucy: Lucy Jane Webb

Anna: AnnaLueFook

Stephanie: Running Life

I’m so incredibly sad that the event has been and gone but so unbelievably grateful to have been a part of it. Many, many thanks to Alex, Jenny and Kat for organising what is sure to be an unforgettable event.

I hope you’re having a great Wednesday, whatever you may be up to!

Heather x

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