Old blogs, bullying & rediscoveries

Hi! I thought I’d post a quick link to an old blog of mine. I used to blog over at htlcy.wordpress.com, also known as Ramblings of a Teenage Tea Drinker. This blog is a few years old, and due to a variety of reasons I stopped using it a long time ago. I have wanted to blog about my experiences of my first year at university, but I know I already did this on my previous blog, so I’m going to link it here instead. The bullying blog is a couple of years old now (wow, how time flies!) but it’s still something I’ve had to live with during my time at university. Unfortunately the perpetrators are still rather awful (glares on campus, general rudeness and arrogance…you get the picture) but the post got a response from readers because unfortunately, bullying at university is not the rarity it should be. Feel free to have a look and let me know what you think!



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