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November Favourites*

Hello, you. How are you? Just thought I’d post something a little light-hearted to break up the more serious posts.

I’ve done a couple of these things before so I guess this can be my November favourites: and as always, it’s a fabulous mixture of wonderful things!


All things coconut…*

Above we have a picture of some Vita Coco cafe latte drink*. I am a huge coffee fan, and this certainly didn’t disappoint. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of coconut water on its own, I appreciate the freshness it provides and this proved to be deliciously refreshing coupled with coffee. Definitely one to purchase in the future; Drew was a fan, too!


I was extremely late to the coconut oil bandwagon, but now I’m on it there’s no turning back. I first tried coconut oil over summer as a make up remover, and quickly realised that it worked an absolute treat. It didn’t leave my eyes sore and stinging, didn’t make my skin inflamed and itchy and – best of all – didn’t exacerbate my acne prone skin. For makeup remover I use KTC pure coconut oil. However, also at the #HullBloggers meet I received two sample pots of organic cold pressed oil; Vita Coco* and Viridian* which smells divine! It’s a fabulous moisturiser and lipbalm, leaves my skin feeling soft, and best of all it has slight spf in, so I know I’m helping to protect my skin in more ways than one.


misfit shine*
I won this at the last #HullBloggers meet on the raffle which was amazing. I’ve always been interested in getting one of these, and when I finally did I was literally jumping for joy. The misfit shine is like any other activity tracker: you connect it to an app on your mobile device and it stores and collates your data, whether that be from walking, running, cycling, swimming or anything in between. It can also track your sleep pattern, which is great for someone like me as sleep is extremely important. Turns out I actually walk quite a lot, which really surprised me. The design is very sleek and smart (it’s made of aviation-grade aluminum) and lights up to show your progress. I couldn’t get a great picture as it’s hard to capture, but it really looks great and can be worn as a clasp, bracelet or pendant if you buy the necklace to go with it.


I haven’t had any other experiences with fitness monitors so I can’t compare my experience, but I have been pretty pleased with the misfit so far!




My Barbour International Axle jacket
Because I’m a lucky girl I received this beautiful coat for my birthday. It’s from the International range, so is inspired by Barbour’s biking heritage. The coat itself is waxed and lined with signature Northumbrian lining and is an absolute delight. In fact, I love it so much I might just have to dedicate an entire post to it!
Excuse the dodgy pics; I was so eager to show my dad when it arrived I took them as quickly as possible! Better ones will appear in a post in the near-future, I assure you!


Bespoke and Oak* products
I received this gorgeous personalised gift at the #WrenFamilyFavourites event and I’ve been loving it ever since. I’m a huge fan of anything handcrafted or personalised, and this is exceptionally lovely. It now takes pride of place in my kitchen. I think I may have to check out their website for some festive goodies!


The Incredible Face Mask from Mays Beauty*
Face masks are great when you want a bit of me time. This little face mask may look pretty dull but it packed a real punch. When it said ‘clears impurities’ I’m more than certain it did because it really does anchor to the skin and remove any dry, flaky or oily patches. If you have sensitive skin I’d probably give this one a miss, but it would be a new refreshing experience for those who like to feel like they’ve been well-cleansed!


Patch and Smudge
Okay so this one is a little bit of a joke but I have to include them. These are my new guinea pigs Patch and Smudge, who have been here for about a month. I cannot believe how obsessed I am with them; they are such wonderful little creatures and I’m sure they’ll be popping up in posts from time to time!


Ahhh but just look at their little faces!
Patch is on the left and Smudge on the right. I believe they’re about 3 or 4 months old and they’re very cute. They’re doing wonders for my well-being!

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you’ve had a great Saturday!
Heather x

By nosuperhero

Multi award-winning disabled activist, D&I writer & speaker | CP-haver, curvy spine owner, cPTSD | guinea pig enthusiast | #DisabilityPower100 #IAmNPW

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