Banishing the weekday blues with Primula*: fully-loaded potatoes

It has been seriously dull and rainy recently. I’m currently looking outside and everything just looks so grey. Raindrops are trickling down the windows,the trees are dancing about in the wind, and I’m still too cold to leave the heating off.

It was pretty much the same yesterday, so I decided to inject a bit of colour and deliciousness into my day with Primula Light. If you’ve read any of my other recipe posts, you’ll know I’m a sucker for Primula. I mean it’s just so easy to add a creamy, cheesy kick to meals and snacks without having to spend ages grating blocks of cheese. And believe me, my grating skills are almost non-existent (thanks, hemi!). So to kick start this drizzly year, I was asked if I fancied trying to incorporate Primula Light into my meals, and yesterday was the perfect day to showcase one of my favourite, easy lunches.


Bright, colourful, and delicious enough to blow the cobwebs away: my Mexican-style bean salsa stuffed sweet potatoes. Yes, it’s a mouthful; but one you’ll be oh-so happy about.

You will need:

A tube of Primula Light cheese

Four large baking potatoes or sweet potatoes (I used a fancy purple one to make my meal even brighter)

A tin of your favourite beans (I used black beans, but kidney beans or cannellini beans would also be yummy)

A tin of sweetcorn

A punnet of small tomatoes, roughly chopped (I used baby plum here)

One red onion, chopped

One lime, squeezed

One mild chilli, chopped

Handful of shredded mint leaves

Salt and pepper to taste

Paprika to sprinkle


1. Cook the potatoes. I cheated slightly here: I pricked each with a fork, and cooked them on high in a microwave for ten mins to give them a head start. I then popped them into a preheated over at 190 degrees until their skins were crisp and their insides fluffy. Be sure to lightly oil some foil before placing them on top: sweet potatoes in particular have a habit of caramelising and completely  sticking to baking trays!

Just look at the colour of this! No filter needed…

2. Whilst my potatoes were cooking, I  mixed together the drained beans, drained sweetcorn, chopped tomato and onions and shredded mint. I then squeezed over the juice of one lime, added the chilli and stirred. Then just season to taste and set aside.

A delicious mix of ingredients that are nutritious and tasty. This would be great stirred into couscous, or on a salad

3. Next, you’ll want to prepare your potatoes. When cool enough to touch, cut you potatoes in half and fluff up the insides with a fork in order to leave enough space for the salsa filling.

4. Stuff as much filling into each potato as possible (you’ll want to: it’s yummy!). When stuffed, place back into the oven until the filling is cooked through.

5. Finally, drizzle some Primula Light cheese over each stuffed potato, and sprinkle that with paprika. Serve as it is for a lunch, or with a lightly dressed salad for something more substantial.

Just perfect: gooey, oozing with flavour, and deliciously bright. What’s not to love?


That’s it! It’s really that easy to create something delicious, satisfying and nutritious for a weekday lunch or dinner. I’m going to make several of these to take into work for lunch, as I know they’ll keep me fuelled for the day. What do you think? Do you fancy giving this easy recipe a go?

Hope your week is off to a flying start; look after yourself, whatever you’re doing.

Heather x



Healthy Snacking with Nothing But*

Hello there! I hope you’re having a great Monday. I’m just relaxing after having dinner, and thought now would be a good time to share a fabulously healthy – and incredibly tasty – snack with you all.


A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the lovely Hannah if I’d be interested in trying out some tasty snacks. If you’ve been reading for a while you might know that I’ve been trying to include more recipe posts and easy snack ideas. Having a long term medical condition means sometimes it’s hard to ensure you’re eating well; on very painful days I’m extremely lethargic and the last thing I want to do is spend ages cooking, which is typical as excellent nutrition is just what’s needed on bad days! Most snacks are known for being fattening or high in salt/sugar, but these snacks are refreshingly different.


Nothing But are a range of snacks available in either fruit or vegetable combinations. They’re simply fruit or vegetables…no added salts, sugars, fats, colours or preservatives. These sounded right up my street, and when I opened the box and saw plenty of brightly coloured packages I was keen to try them out.

We prepare it with care to make sure Nothing But the water is removed

The fresh produce is taken by the lovely folks at Nothing But and then frozen, and the water evaporated. This leaves a product that is exceedingly tasty and full of natural flavours. Only ever two ingredients feature in each pack, and the flavour combinations are truly delicious.


The vegetable ones are available in the combinations of: Parsnip & Beetroot, Pea & Sweetcorn and Red Pepper & Mangetout. I was pleasantly surprised by the concentration of all-natural flavours in each bag; the process somehow intensifies each flavour, providing a tasty, natural snack that’s a lot easier to eat compared to their non-freeze dried equivalents! They’re crispy so provide that ever-so-satisfying crunch that we’re all looking for when eating a delicious snack.


If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll love the above fruit snacks. These were incredibly tasty, including the following combinations of Apple & Fig, Pineapple & Grape and Strawberry & Banana. I had a packet of these with my breakfast and I was incredibly impressed! They were incredibly fruity and deliciously sweet, which is great if you’re after a healthy alternative to other sweet snacks. These snacks are prepared in the same way as the vegetable snacks, which produces a naturally sweet range of delicious snacks suitable for any time of the day.



What is really fantastic about these is that each pack contributes to your 5 a day, providing a whole portion of your fruit/veg in each packet. Replacing those daily bags of crisps with a product like this would help you to meet this daily recommendation in no time! They’re also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans which is great if you have particular dietary requirements.


All in all I’m extremely impressed by these, and will definitely look at swapping my usual snacks with them. My personal favourites were the Red Pepper & Mangetout and the Strawberry & Banana. It’d be fantastic if these products could be bought on my university campus to stop me snacking on chocolate bars and crisps during the day.

Thank you very much to Hannah and the wonderful team at Nothing But for sending these to review. Why not check out their website?

I hope you’re having a great evening,
Heather x