I made it

Hello there, lovely reader (yes, you. I’m talking to you, you wonderful person). Happy Friday! Just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to since I last posted. On Tuesday I FINALLY handed in my fifth and final assignment. That means my third and final year of my undergraduate degree is over! It’s flown by. This past month has been seriously challenging. My body has been in a lot of pain (it’s aggravated by stress, long periods of sitting/standing etc) and as a result I’m really very tired. I’m currently writing this from my bed if I’m honest (but I am very comfortable here!)

Since my final hand-in I’ve been celebrating in my own little way. Nothing fancy or spectacular, but doing things that have really brought a smile to my face. Today I went out for the day to York, which was beautiful. The weather was glorious and we had some food at Ask Italian. You can currently get two courses for £10.95 (there are exclusions) but it’s seriously worth the money! All you have to do is look for the voucher online. Just type Ask Italian voucher into a search engine and one should come up. It’s really great value. Today I had the calamari to start, and a seafood risotto. It felt so fancy compared to food I’ve been eating during essays and was a real treat. We also went into the most fabulous book shop that had seven rooms stacked wall to wall with beautiful books. I came away with one (how could I resist!) that I think will be great towards my thesis preparation, though this is something I still need to apply for! it’ll get done soon, I’m sure.

I’ve also been buying some lovely pampering goodies to give myself some well-deserved TLC. I bought some things from The Body Shop to try, and I initially purchased a selection from their skin care range. My skin has really flared up due to assignment stress/pain, and I used to suffer with acne fairly badly, particularly when I was younger. It was so bad I was on medication, but thankfully it’s calmed down enormously. I still have acne-prone skin though, so i thought I’d give their tea tree range a go. I’ve never tried this range before, but so far, I’m really impressed. I also ended up buying a gift-set for my boyfriend and got some other little wonderful goodies because i couldn’t help myself. I’m going to write up a review/haul post of all the things I purchased just in case you might want to check them out for yourself. I think I’ve found some really great products that are helping me to look after myself, and unfortunately because of pain – and associated tiredness – there hasn’t been much time to make myself feel good, so I thought I was due a good pampering session. Besides, pampering is always acceptable!

the body shop

the body shop haul

Caffe nero treats

My boyfriend has gone back home today which is sad. I’ve been living with him for the past few weeks and he’s really helped me with managing my pain. He really seems to understand what I need and when, and I’m so grateful for that. We went out to town yesterday and did a little bit of shopping. The Caffe Nero iced drinks were a fabulous little treat. I had the chocolate and coconut frappe creme, and I highly recommend it!

Well, I’m really rather tired so I think it’s time for some painkillers and maybe an early night. The End of Year Ball is tomorrow, which will be very exciting. Here’s hoping for another glorious sunshine-filled day!

Here’s a picture of the Humber Bridge from the train. I just had to include this; there’s something about that view that really fills me with joy.

Humber Bridge

Hope you have a great start to your weekend, whatever you may be up to.

Heather x

Happiness is…

Again, I’ve been super busy with work so I haven’t had much time to blog, but here are a few things that have helped me through:

1) sunshine
2) eating chinese takeaway with Drew
3) catching up a friend and going for hot cookie dough with gelato
4) feeling like I’m getting somewhere with work
5) having long lie-ins
6) enjoying the low pain days
7) late night conversations
8) lighting candles
9) laughing and smiling
10) looking forward to things to come

A few thoughts

Hi all! Things have been super busy (third year is pretty stressful as it turns out) so I apologise I haven’t blogged sooner. I don’t have the time (or at least when I do have the time I spend it drugged up to my eyeballs on analgesia) so apart from working and writing and studying I haven’t really been up to a lot.

I do have to say though I’m feeling so positive with regards to the anxiety and depression. As well as having counselling, I’ve started a low dose of fluoxetine (better known as Prozac) and I feel this has helped my moods immensely. I’m no longer panicking about little things, I’m no longer crying in the street, and I’m feeling really positive which is wonderful. Of course I still have anxious moments but no way near as intense as they were a few weeks back. The other day I walked through campus and for the first time in maybe a year or possibly longer, I felt genuine happiness. I noticed things I wouldn’t usually notice. The daffodils looked so bright and gorgeous and everything was sunny and wonderful. It was a fantastic feeling and I forgot you could feel that way.

My counselling has come to an end as we feel I can carry on without it (at least for the time being). It was a really great thing for me, and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to have it. It’s worked wonders, and it was rather emotional having to say goodbye to my counsellor. Together with my medication, it’s really changed my life for the better and I’m hoping for sunnier, positive days from now on. I’m under no illusions it will take time. I know I’ll be on my medication for months and possibly longer, but despite some of the side effects (the worst being I can’t take my tramadol with it which is bad on painful days) it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Last night I went to my lovely friend Amy’s birthday meal and get together. Amy is one of the loveliest, kindest and most wonderful people I’ve ever met in my life. She has such a sunny disposition and always brightens up your day. It was wonderful to spend some time with her and all her friends. We went to Roots which is a Caribbean bar and grill, and I had coconut shrimp to start and a Trinidadian jerk chicken roti for the main course. Alcohol was off the cards as I’d had a lot of painkillers yesterday, so I had a fruit punch instead which was refreshing and lovely. The food was okay, but not as amazing as we’d all hoped which is a shame. Another thing that was really off-putting was the music: it was so loud I felt like I was eating my dinner in a club! I think it’d be great for a few rum cocktails, but I perhaps wouldn’t go again for a meal out. We did go back to Amy’s for tea and cake, which was by far my favourite part of the evening. It was great to have a good natter and a cuppa!

That’s really all that’s been going on over here. I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and a great couple of weeks.
Look after yourself,

Happiness is…

This post will be an amalgamation of things that have made me happy over the past few days. I did say I’d post every day but since I’m in my third year of university I’m currently swamped with essay writing and reading (so I’m not surprised it didn’t last). However, here’s some happy things:

1) getting on track to sort out my anxiety/depression (FINALLY). I’m now feeling so much more positive and I’m hoping I’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon

2)eating my only easter egg of the year

3)cooking a tasty dinner of pan-fried salmon fillet with mash, samphire and homemade lemon-cream sauce. It was really delicious and such a treat

4) going to the pub for a few drinks with friends. Even though there was an incident that made me feel very uncomfortable and anxious, I got through it and still had a good time overall

5)bumping into friends I don’t see very often. It’s always a lovely surprise.

What’s made you happy recently?


Happiness is…

The 10th April was a happier day because:

1) I woke up early and enjoyed the peace the early morning brings

2) I headed into uni and managed to read 4 journal articles and finish a novel I’ve been reading

3) it was another gloriously sunny day, and I love the way the trees look when the sun is shining

4) I treated myself to some candles

5) I made it through today without panicking, and this felt like a big achievement.

How has your Friday been?
I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend,

Day 2 of ‘Happiness is’…

On the 8th April:

1. Feeling like I’m getting somewhere with planning assignments and getting on with my dissertation

2. My first ice cream of the summery/spring season

3. A gorgeously sunny, beautiful day (so much so I didn’t need my winter coat)

4. Reading by the flickering light of my candles

5. Cooking a ‘fancy’ macaroni cheese (even if I did burn my wrist in the process…ouch!)

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Wednesday.

Happiness is…

In an effort to keep my mood up and hopefully get out of this horrible, low, blue stage (something I hoped would have passed by now, but I’m struggling to shake it) I’m aiming to focus on some happy/lovely/funny moments or things i’ve encountered during the day. I’m aiming for five things/moments/times that have been particularly lovely, no matter how trivial. For instance I take great delight in my morning coffee as it’s a thing of joy and a happy start to my day (somewhat silly but definitely true). Hopefully this will be a fairly frequent (if not daily) occurence but the phrase ‘famous last words’ springs to mind as I write this.

Reflecting on 7th April 2015:

1. my frothy coffee in the morning; the buzz of caffeine, the bittersweetness

2. the beaming sun and blue skies as i walked around campus

3. talking to friends about silly things whilst preparing my dinner (whilst watching them knit)

4. listening to Sylvia Plath’s interviews which filled me with joy (her voice is so different to what I’d expected, yet so eloquent and wonderful and beautiful to listen to)

5. skyping with Drew as I haven’t seen him in a while. It’s always comforting to see a familiar face.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will be a regular feature, eh? We could all do with a little reminder of some happy times.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Tuesday,