Mental Health

Mental Health and Long Term Conditions

It is well-acknowledged that long-term conditions – and symptoms such as chronic pain – can have an impact upon a person’s mental health. I too have struggled with several mental health issues in the past, and these have no doubt been made more difficult through having several long-term conditions and disabilities. Below I’ll briefly discuss each of them.


I have always been an anxious person, but have more recently struggled with quite crippling anxiety. This has manifested as GAD and also some OCD-related behaviours. I have also experienced panic attacks in the past. At present my anxiety is well-controlled.


I have also dealt with depression, which definitely fluctuates with pain levels. Having long-term pain can really grind you down, and pain seems to wreak havoc with my emotions. Though I have experienced quite severe depression in the past, it is now less of an issue than the anxiety and I am currently finding it is well-controlled.

What treatments have I had?

I’ve used several treatments to help control the symptoms of anxiety and depression, most notably counselling, CBT and a number of medications. I also find colouring relaxing, and find great comfort in looking after my guinea pigs, cooking and reading. I am fortunate that I am currently feeling really well mentally – aside from bad pain days – but know this has to be controlled and reviewed regularly. I am currently waiting to see a specialist who deals with the mental health issues seen in those with long-term conditions and disabilities.

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